domingo, 28 de septiembre de 2014

Activities for 5th Semester

Last Friday We did too/enough exercises and your homework was: answer page 21 exercises 4 & 5. Now please complete the flashback part (pp.24 & 25).
Later you have to elaborate a chart with all the relative pronouns (when you can use them and an example) you can get some information in your book (Unit 5) and answer pp. 44, 45 (of course no listening part...) If you have questions or duobts, send me an email please.

Activities for 3rd. Semester

You have to do three  mind maps, one for "will", one for "be going to" and the last one for " present continuos as a future" (including drawings). Every one has to have: when you can use that tense and what is its form in positive, negative and question with an example, later you have to answer my photocopies, the one that says will, idiomatic future (going to) and will or going to (3 in total), you can get some information in your book page 94, but don't answer your book, just for information. If you have questions, doubts or traumas, call to your mother.... no it's a joke... send me an email please.

Virtual homework for all my students....The show has to continue....

First read this post and send to mail what do you think about it?...with your name, group and all your questions....

martes, 16 de septiembre de 2014

3rd. semester-- First virtual homework- second evaluation

Go to :
 and answer  all the exercises in the following order:
Exercises 1 & 2 complete in your notebook and exercises 3 & 4 just the answers in your notebook and please DON'T PRINT IT,  your due date for this homework is on September 23rd.

3rd. Semester

Second evaluation

Just print them! DON'T ANSWER THEM

miércoles, 3 de septiembre de 2014

4th Virtual homework only 5th Semester

Do the following exercises:
 and print it when you get your final score please ( more than 85% if you get less, do it again please)

4th. Virtual homework only 3rd. semester

You have to do the "used to" exercises in your notebook,  the link is:
(You can check your answers but you have to notice your mistakes) 
Don't print it! please