viernes, 17 de octubre de 2014

5th semester final project- 2nd partial-

It sounds weird... but it's real... here you have your observation guide, where you have to create a small dialogue with all the topics that you were's in teams (3 to 5 integrants) your dialogue has to have all the topics at least one sentence of each one, it has to be funny, short and creative, it doesn't matter the situation, when we come back.... (I don't know when...) you have to present your  role-play, only with this I will evaluate you. Any doubt send me an email.

3rd semester final project 2nd partial.

Well, you have to write in a small paragraph all your plans for your future (follow your collage). It is individually. Only with this I will evaluate your 2nd partial, please send me to my email your paragraph. I will check it and remember to use present simple for future, present continuous for future, be going to and will, use superlatives, conditionals and would rather and would prefer, at least one sentence of each one.

lunes, 13 de octubre de 2014

3rd semester "Would rather and would prefer"

Hi students! for today you have to investigate:
1.- What's the difference between would rather and would prefer?
2.- What do these two sentences mean?
3.- When can you use them?
4.- What are their structures for both in positive, negative and question?
5.- Write 2 examples for each one (total 12-   2 positive, 2 negative and 2 questions for would rather and the same for would prefer-)
6.- Go to this page:
and at the bottom of the page answer the two test and print your result and paste them in your notebook.
Note: in that page you can get good information

I hope to hear good news tomorrow about our situation.... come on! almost you finish with all the topics for second partial...

5th Semester " Vocabulary about complains"

Hi again!.... well for today IN YOUR NOTEBOOK investigate:
First: What does complain mean?
then, check the following page:
and in your notebook tell me when you can complain for something and write a list with some phrases you can use to help you complain in English.
later check the following video:
and tell me What is the main Rusell's complain in the video? and think in  What does your mother complain about or with the person you live with?  (2 different complains). Everything is in your NOTEBOOK.
And  finally send to my e-mail :What is your main complain in this moment? with your name and group please and of course you have to use the vocabulary about complains in all this assignment.

NOTE: This is the last topic for second partial my following assignment will be the final project for your evaluation in pairs.... Good Tuesday and I hope to hear good news tomorrow about our situation...

viernes, 10 de octubre de 2014

3rd Semester... "Conditionals 0 & 1"

Hi again!... well this time you have to create a two way table about conditionals type 0 & 1 (ONLY) you can check the following tutorial in:
or get more information about it in:
in your table you have to tell me when you can use them and their formula with 5 examples.
Then you can answer my photocopies zero & first conditional. Finally you have to look for a song where you can find at least one conditional -zero or first- (just the paragraph & the singer with the song's name)  EVERYTHING IS IN YOUR NOTEBOOK  except my photocopies... paste them.
Any doubt... you know my mail.... I hope to see you soon.....

5lM1 & 5lM5 "Causative verbs"

Hi again!
Now please you have to investigate about causative verbs. I recommend you this page:
IN YOUR NOTEBOOK  do a mind map with how causatives are formed, and how to use them. (only have /get verbs) in active & passive structure with 5 examples each verb. Then go to the following link: (where you can get more information) and solve the exercises in your own you can print them and paste on your notebook. Finally check your understanding (you have the answer key at the end) you have to tell me what was or were your mistakes and why... I hope to see you soon.


Hi students, according with your teacher Marcos, he said that you had to answer all my activities too....(5th Semester only). It will be for your evaluation. Thanks