viernes, 8 de diciembre de 2017


Hi guys, this Monday 11th at 6 p.m in the classroom  A7 I will ask verbs and oral exam. if you don't pass my oral exam you will have to take my written exam on Wednesday 13th in laboratory 1 at  4 pm.

Please study and solve the following exercises:

answer files 1 to 8 only take a screenshot , and print the exercises.

Today I will be in your classroom at the same time of our class, if you have doubts.

viernes, 17 de noviembre de 2017

virtual homework

Hi guys!!!!!
Sorry but please finish unit 3 in your workbook online and then you can continue with Unit 4 and the exam (unit 3 and 4)
you  need to practice.
Your due date is on November 24th

martes, 14 de noviembre de 2017

virtual homework

Please in this week you have to watch or listen  the video on page 41 (exercise 4) and on page 53 (exercise 6 & 7) please. (remember that you can find the videos on line, in the same page where you work your workbook online, they are in the student's book)
Your due date is on November 22nd

domingo, 5 de noviembre de 2017

Virtual homework

Hi guys!!!
Please dowloan the following handouts, don't answer them please.

Start studying the regular verbs (my following list)
and in your notebook make a list (30 fruits and 30 vegetables).
Your due date is on November 9th

domingo, 29 de octubre de 2017

Virtual Homework

Hi students!!!
Please in your notebook write a list about occupations (but different, no teacher, doctor, difficult) at least 25
and another list with all the prepositions and meaning.
Everything in your notebook no copy, paste please.
Your due date is on November 3rd.

martes, 24 de octubre de 2017


Hola chicos y chicas
Casi no han trabajado casi nada del workbook, ya descargue sus calificaciones y solo tienen hasta mañana  Octubre 25 para llevar impreso por lo menos sus porcentajes de la unidad 2,  y del exam del workbook.
Es su último chance😓😓😓