domingo, 11 de septiembre de 2016

3° semester laboratory practice & virtual homework September 12

Hi! please answer unit 1 in your workbook online, then enter to edmodo and register yourself and finally enter to the following link:
play and print your score,  you have to play 3 times and print your final score with more that 40 points in each time, your due date for this link, will be on September 19th , good luck!!!!


Hi!!!! you have to enter to and you have to enter as a student, give all your personal information (real name) and post your photo and join to your group with the followings codes according where you are please.

11V2 =    34g3nv

11V4 =    cm4ny8

11V6=     26peu5

11V8=     v9mxge

11V10=   ri3i2s

3lV6 =     278hqd

lunes, 5 de septiembre de 2016

1° semester Virtual homework

Please start in your workbook online with Unit 1
your due date in on September 19th

Workbook online Codes

Hi everybody you have to enter to the following link:
and register your code (the one that you have in your workbook online) when you enter you have to join a class (according with your group)

1lV2    =      5dPkFO83

1lV4     =      ZFiEhluz

1lV6  =      vPurUswO

1lV8 =      R3Y4kPXd

1lV10 =    9GlfseEJ

3lV6    =    o9AfKiMY

select your code and join to your group, it must appear in your page

3° Semester - Laboratory practice & virtual task Monday , September 5th

Hi! please go to the following link and answer the exercise
Then enter to the following link, read the text, answer the exercise and the last part of this link will be your virtual task for this week.(writing)

Your due date is on Monday 12th

lunes, 29 de agosto de 2016

1° semester Virtual homework

Hi!, please enter to the following link:
and download or print only page 4,5 and 6
answer them
Your due date is on September 5th

3° semester laboratory practice ll and virtual task

Hi!, please enter to the following link:
and answer  the gap fill exercise, grouping and gap fill typing that come at the bottom of the page please.

For Virtual homework please download the gramar snack, paste it on your notebook and answer the used to exercises and paste them too please