miércoles, 22 de marzo de 2017

6° semester practice

Hi students please go to the following link
and see the video later go to the following link:
and answer the exercises

sábado, 18 de marzo de 2017

4° semester

Hi! Please  go to the following link:
 and enter to the blue book and answer unit 4 and 5 take screenshot and print your final score
Have a nice long weekend!!!

2° Semester

Hi boys and girls!!! please go to the following link.

to the top part there's a bottom (click here)  and you will get into the interchange book (the red one), please answer unit 7& 8 and at the end of every exercise take screenshots and print your final score

6° Semester

Hi again!!!1
I know that it's long weekend but please just answer in your phrasal verbs unit 3 & 4
I hope to see you this Tuesday
Have a terrific long weekend!

lunes, 13 de marzo de 2017

2° semester and 4° semester

You have to check in schoology your task, any question by my mail please

6° Semester

Ok boys and girls, please answer the reading on page 112 in your book.
Then please look for "wish and  if only" online, when can we use them? (regrets in Past and in present), what are the differences and take notes in your work book.
Then please watch the following video
 and in schoology you will find a forum where you have to tell us what happened in the video?, What do you think about it? , What did the poor boy wish? etc. and of course what is something you have always wished. When you post your answer, you will be able to check all your partner's answers, check them and reply with respect what do you think about his/her answer?
Any doubt by schoology or in my mail.
Your due date March 17th.

For all my students

Hi again!!! sorry I know that it wasn't your fault my absence, but the show has to continue with or withouth your teacher...
If you are a real Politecnico, you are a self-taught person.
It's time to work, we aren't on vacation and all the activities that you can see here will count for your second partial.
If you have doubts with your final grades in this first partial, don't worry I can change them in second partial if you really worked... if not, it's time to work harder, just please read carefully and follow the instructions.